Help Needs No Cameras

help needs no cameras(A friend of ours posted this picture recently and it really hits home.)
We are approaching our 10 year mark for living in Nicaragua. We could not have imagined all that has happened over the years. Our children have grown up here.


 Though we’ve changed houses a few times, we have remained in the same location and worked among many of the same people from the very beginning of our time here.
God has been faithful to us in spite of our naivety and stubbornness. We have met so many amazing people and grieved the passing of several dear friends. Over and over again, the Word of God has proven true. Even in the dark times, the low times, and the times that we just wanted to give up, God reminded us that He will never fail nor forsake.
When we first arrived to Nicaragua, we didn’t carry smart phones but we took more pictures then than we do now. Digital cameras went everywhere with us. There was always a photo opportunity and we wanted our friends and family to get a glimpse of our daily lives. Today, we do have smart phones and can readily snap good quality photos easier than ever….but we rarely do that anymore. One reason is because we have teenagers and they don’t appreciate impromptu photos like they used to. HAHA!  However, there is another reason that is harder to explain. It’s true that a picture can be worth a thousand words. It’s also true that “out of sight, out of mind.” ((Sigh))
Over the years, we personally have decided to be much more discreet about how we communicate what we are doing. Discipleship is our primary objective. That rarely makes a good picture.
However, there are other areas that we are called upon to help with.
Buying a casket for a family that lost a loved one is NOT a photo opportunity.
Getting groceries for friends going through a hard time is NOT a photo opportunity.
Giving adult diapers to a paralyzed man is NOT a photo opportunity.
These are moments we can help with because God has given us great supporters and we thank Him for you. (Eph 1:16 “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”)
Nevertheless, we ambition is to work with eternity in mind and that is why our primary objective must be proclaiming the gospel and discipleship. It’s a long process.
We will have to wait for heaven to see all that the Lord has been doing in the here and now.
We thank God for all of you that make time to pray for us and to read our updates.
We thank God for all who have given to support us here over the years. May the Lord get all the glory.

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