Missionary Moment

Traveling to Nicaragua, or any other place for that matter is difficult these days. As I type this note, I am sitting in a hotel, just across the border of Nicaragua. We crossed because getting a plane out of Liberia Costa Rica is easier and less problematic as the government tightens down on travelers. Just before we crossed into Nicaragua, 2 Americans were denied entry because they were what Nicaragua considered government workers. We witnessed many who were struggling to buy basic necessities. Just like everywhere else, the prices of goods are rising. Our hotel didn’t have butter or milk for the coffee. Things are getting harder to find. I spoke with many of the church folks who were there and the conversation was the same. God has been faithful and despite the hardship, the church is growing.

Monday Night meeting at Iglesia Biblica Carazo

We had a wonderful time and were able to accomplish a lot during our trip. One of the things that eats at me while I am in the States, is the fact that many cant get the medicine they need in the country. It isn’t a problem with cost, it simply isn’t available. We were able to get medicine for Don Ramon, who has Parkinson’s disease, and that should last for a whole year. Crossing the border by land was easier and they are less strict about what you are carrying. I was also able to meet with local pastors and it was encouraging to give them books to help their pastoral studies.

We want to let you know that we thank God for you and appreciate the support that is given to help us keep these things going. God is working and we are seeing fruit from the labors.

God Bless you, Joel and April, Gass Family Mission

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