We are sent out by our local church.

But it is a small church and we depend on God to supply our needs. 

If the Lord so lays on your heart to give back to Him by supporting this ministry,  you can send your tax deductible gift to:


C/O Gass Family
P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228

1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729)
Office: 281-599-7411
Fax: 281-599-7511

The ministry of (CMC) serves hundreds of missionaries. Their function is receiving  funds for us and providing banking and tax work for missionaries. This is one of the reasons why we went with CMC.

We  have three trusted pastors serving as our mission board.

Joe Williams, pastor of Antioch Baptist,

Darren Rogers, pastor of Canaanland Baptist,

Dejuan Walley, pastor of Bridgeway Church

You may begin sending your support to Gass Family Mission at any time at the address above. (Checks should be made payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse or C.M.C.)

You can also give to Gass Family Mission online through the giving platform called “click and give” at the CMC website.

To get started you just need to click on the link below and register the first time. Just a simple click on the donate button on their page (see link below), and then click the “click and give icon/button”.

You will then have a private giving solution that comes with many benefits to you the donor. If you have any questions please call the office (tel:1-800-262-7729 or 281-599-7411), and they very kindly will walk you through what you need to do.

Whatever you decide, thank you so much for praying for us and helping this ministry. God Bless You!

If you would like to support God’s work here in Nicaragua financially by setting up a monthly automatic payment or  make a one time donation,

there are 3 ways to give electronically:

Click here   for CMC Click and Give

CMC and click and give gifts are automatically tax deductible! All other gifts are tax deductible upon request!

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