If you would like to support God’s work here in Nicaragua financially by setting up a monthly automatic payment or you can make a one time donation. Click here

If you would like to support God’s work here in Nicaragua financially, you can make a tax deductible gift by mailing a check to:


PO BOX 219228    

HOUSTON TX 77218-9228

Please fill out this form with your first contribution only. You will receive a receipt along with a pre-addressed return envelope for any future gifts. Please tear off the bottom of that receipt and return with any future gift. Just hit the print button below and put it in the envelope.

DONOR’S NAME_____________________________________________________________





PLEASE READ: Inside the envelope, put our name on a piece of paper. Contributions to CMC are qualified for Federal income tax deduction as allowed by law. All deductible contributions, whether designated or not, are under the control of CMC. We are committed to honor all designations, and if any designation is unacceptable, the donation will be returned. You must make your check payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (or simply CMC) to qualify for a tax deduction. Please do not write the name of your missionary on your check. It is illegal to claim a tax deduction for a gift made payable to an individual.

All gifts are tax deductible!

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