Making Disciples


Our passion is helping and equipping pastors in their ministry to the local church. Currently, we need people to join us in gospel partnership. God has been faithful to the work here in Nicaragua. Our ability to reach out into the more remote areas of Nicaragua with the gospel, train pastors and care for the sick, depends upon your support. We are praying for a  group of committed partners that will join us in supporting our effort to serving the church. We would be honoured if you would join us in this endeavour. We are asking individuals to join us by supporting  the ministry with a $10 monthly donation.



We are looking to provide 20 scholarships a year to local pastors and leaders. It is crucial that we have some income to the Bible institute, so that we can pay our staff and provide learning materials to the poorest of these pastors. Each student, with books included, costs $635 US Dollars per year.  The pastors study for 2 years and the leadership classes are for one year. We are looking for 19 more churches or church classes, such as youth groups or Sunday School classes, to partner with us and adopt a student for a year. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when we also need to raise funds for the building. But, God knows all.


Group 2 Carazo Bible Institute

If you can help us with the work in Nicaragua, share this page with your friends, talk to your pastor, and Partner with us!

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to contact us.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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