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We’ve been back in Nicaragua now only a week. It’s like the wild west here. Many have been asking various questions about the current crisis, why we left, why we returned, etc. As a family of 5, we all have our own answers to those questions and there’s not a simple answer to any question. Having gone through the aftermath of Katrina, we were well aware how quickly any society can breakdown in a crisis. The food shortages and violence that are currently going on here is what we feared would happen. As foreigners, as a family with children, we made the best decision that we could at the time. We had the opportunity to get out with some other friends so we could reassure our families in the States and evaluate things from there. Of course, our hope had been that the situation in Nicaragua would improve and stabilize within a few weeks. Our time in the States was a blessing as we got to grieve together with our loved ones at the passing of a beloved family member. God orchestrates things we can never plan. We praise Him for this gift.

As the weeks went by, it became obvious that the crisis in Nicaragua was growing, not improving. Our hearts ached to be with our church family and loved ones here, if for no other reason than to just offer our support. We had many serious discussions as a family. As parents, we couldn’t promise our children anything….not even the ability to get to our home because we knew traveling had become precarious. They could have stayed in the States with our family. We explained that our lives would be difficult and maybe even frightening at times. They each expressed their independent desires to “go home.” 

Regardless of what happens sociopolitically here, it remains our number one desire for the Lord to be glorified in this nation. Over the last 8 1/2 years, the Lord has abundantly blessed us with an incredible network of brothers and sisters in Christ. We are taking things day by day, sometimes moment by moment. We hear gunfire and mortars day and night. Gasoline and food are in short supply where we live. Traveling is dangerous and difficult. Every trip away from home is only for necessary reasons. We are trying to supply medicines and food to those we can. We are trying to keep up the discipleship training with the various groups. At this point, everything is day by day. We are praying for God’s guidance on every decision we make and appreciate your prayers more than you can imagine.

Building Fund

For those that have been following, we did not raise the funds to buy the ministry center. However, we do have the funds to continue renting and cover maintenance expenses. This is a blessing. We have a young couple living there now…about to have their first child. This is also a blessing! The husband recently lost his job due to the crisis here. So we are thankful to help them during this difficult time.

People have been asking what they can do. For our regular supporters, thank you for your faithful contributions. For those that can, your financial support will help us care for some of those that are struggling so much right now. We encourage you to research what is going on here in Nicaragua. It continues to evade mainstream news sources. However, you can find articles in English that explain what’s going on. As always, we appreciate your prayers. We need our heavenly Father. We need wisdom and grace. May the Lord work His grace into our lives and help us to honor Him. He is worthy!

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