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Prayer Request

Hello all! Just wanted to drop a note and ask for prayer. Wednesday 28th 2017, I am going to talk to a lawyer about a property we have been praying about. I would like to ask you to Join me in prayer at this time.  We have been needing a building in Diriamba to house the Carazo Bible Institute and the new medical clinic we have opened. We have also been wanting to move the Carazo Bible Fellowship meetings (our home church plant) to a location more easily accessible to our friends who live in town. Also, we are outgrowing our house. We believe we have found a good spot. This location is move in ready and would require us to raise some funds. Please pray as we move forward.

In Diriamba, the town we live in, there is a  central park that has tons of people in it every day. We are starting to get in there and share what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus, with those lost kids. This property is 2 blocks from the park. Thanks for your prayers. I am working on a newsletter and will have it ready soon. Please share this with people who pray.

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