I’m a Liar

A while back, we had some ladies from a community help us prepare food for a feeding center. After the event it was raining and I gave them a ride home. I was sitting in the van as they got in. Listening to their chatter, I was excited to hear how happy they were to be included in the evangelism and feeding of the children.

In the van, there were a few of the Are You a Good Person tracts from Living Waters. Of course they were in Spanish. Living Waters, in my opinion, is the best place to get tracts and evangelism material. In the tract, it asks, “have you ever told a lie?” The kid answers, “Sure, who hasn’t?” Then it asks, “What do you call someone who lies?” and his answer is “a liar.”

Earlier that day, one of the ladies had asked us to sign a paper so she could get a loan. She wanted us to say that we were paying her more than we did, so she would qualify for a loan to buy a refrigerator. We knew she desperately needed the fridge but refused to sign the paper, knowing that this loan would only cause her trouble in the future. We explained how it was dishonest to even fudge the numbers a little bit. Even if the outcome is not profitable to us, we need to be truthful at all times. It was a difficult time and there was an awkward moment of silence. We prayed for God to help her with the difficulty.

On the trip back, she picked up the tract and began read it aloud. “Have you ever told a lie?” I heard her begin to sob and then confess, “Oh God, forgive me I am a liar.”

Please pray for us as we strive to glorify God in Nicaragua.


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