End of Year Financial Report

Year End Financial Update

We believe in the sovereignty of God in our finances. But, what does that mean?  It means that we trust God for what we need. We admit that, ultimately, He knows better about what we need than we do. It means if we don’t have it, it is because God has not provided it. If we need it, it will come. James 1:17 tells us Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
How does that work out?
For years April and I have struggled with being on the Mission field and wrestling with the sin of unbelief, not trusting fully in God for our provisions and for support of different ministries. We were working on our website with my cousin and she was helping us update a way for people to support us electronically. I cant remember how the conversation went completely, but it was said, “If God wants someone to get money to you, I mean if God puts the desire in them to do it, they will find a way.” That is so true. What came out of that conversation was the realization that if God didn’t put that desire there, if I manufactured a “false sense of obligation” that money would not be from God.  We want only the good and perfect gifts, the ones that come from above.  Those perfect gifts are what we desire to run our ministry.
Over the last few months, we have had some of those gifts. Ruby Brewer made an afghan and raffled it off without asking or telling us. She gave all $320 she made to us. I don’t even know Mrs. Brewer.  Her gift not only funded various evangelistic outreaches and discipleship, it encouraged me to the core. I am now even more sure of God’s faithfulness.
A couple of weeks ago a local pastor came and asked if I could help him buy some Christmas gifts for the local children.  I put the opportunity out on social media and the need was met quickly.
The all-knowing God we serve sees and knows about the sacrifices and difficulties people go through to make the ministry here in Nicaragua possible. Often, people give in secret and April and I never know.  We want to thank you.
I have enclosed a list of our current financial needs. We are fully confident that either God will provide for those needs or He will move us in a different direction. Knowing that God doesn’t need any of our giving, we come to Him in gratitude for even the chance to be used by Him. If you feel like God would use you to help spread His glorious news here in Nicaragua, please let us know.

.Inline image 1

  1. Faculty & Staff  $1400 monthly

 Faculty total – $929  now
I desire to increase this to $1400 Monthly.

  1. Building rent $175
  2. Diapers, formula and medicine $ 228

I currently receive $80 monthly towards this.
4. Bible Institute, cost $1050 a month for 20 students meeting meals and material for conferences, and fuel for transportation, motorcycle upkeep, ect.. We currently don’t have 20 pastors enrolled.
Total -$2773.00 monthly.
Medical Mission Ministries of Ashe County (MMMA) have agreed to pay $600 a month for salaries until February. They have done this for quite a while. Recently, MMMA expressed that we should seek other avenues to support the Bible Institute, as they shift their support to helping us open a medical clinic.

Our goal is to look for 278 new partners who are willing to support this project at $10 a month.  We hope this amount ($10 a month) will allow many to participate and not burden already strained budgets.

To find these sponsors, we need your help. We need you to pray with us. Pray about whom you might ask to partner with us. Would you help us find 12 new partners @ $10 a month?

If you have any questions or want to see any figures more in detail, please let us know.

Personal Family support                                                 100% funded
Children’s Ministry and Leaders training Socorro            100% funded
Children’ Ministry and Feeding Center Trapiche              100% funded
Friday Bible Studies San Antonio                                     100% funded
Homeschool material for our children                              100% funded
Wednesday Night Young Men’s Bible Study                    100% funded
Carazo Bible Fellowship                                                   100% funded
These ministries are currently funded by churches and individual partners.

If you would like to support God’s work here in Nicaragua financially by setting up a monthly automatic payment or you can make a one time donation,  Click here

If you would like to support God’s work here in Nicaragua financially, you can make a tax deductible gift by mailing a check with the note: Joel Gass Family on a slip of paper to:


PO BOX 219228    

HOUSTON TX 77218-9228

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