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Elsa’s Insulin costs

This is Elsa Margarita Cruz Flores. Her daughter’s name is Yesmi. This is already a sponsored family. I wanted to give you an update on her health. I wish I could say she is getting better and things are great. Unfortunately, the Dr. has increased her dosage of insulin and she has become depressed. She became pregnant when she was around 16. Her husband or boyfriend has left her and she has become very poor. She doesn’t have family to watch the baby, so she can’t work or go to the Dr. without taking the baby. We have committed to helping her with the cost of her insulin and with the help of some friends, we bought her a fridge to help keep it cold. She needs a special insulin that is very expensive. Without it, her sugar spirals out of control and damages her organs. She is not a Christian and I feel like she will not live much longer without intervention. We need 2 people to commit to donating $25 a month to cover the cost of her medicines. This can be paid as a one time $300 or you can set up a monthly direct deposit using the donation link above.¬†Thanks for considering donating and helping Elsa. Please pray that she comes to know Jesus as her savior.She has been coming to Bible studies on and off. Feel free to share this post.



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