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A world away

From My friends John & Kimberly Wallace

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Nestor’s Testimony

Many of you get our newsletters (infrequently) thru snail mail. In April we mailed the first one of the year to our contacts and included a copy of the DVD “The Biggest Question.” We have purchased 1800 of these DVD’s in the last year (1500 in Spanish and 300 in English). The DVD gives a basic explanation of sin and what true conversion is. We have taken these and given them out on the streets. We have shown them in group settings while doing medical clinics. We have went with battery-operated equipment and shown them to individuals in their homes. We don’t push people to respond. Our conviction is simply to proclaim Jesus Christ. We believe that it is God that calls a person to Himself and the work is His.
Today, Nestor shared with us that he had given a lawyer one of the DVDs. The lawyer later tracked Nestor down to share with him that he had watched the DVD three times and was convicted to tears and repented. We praise God for Nestor! We praise God for the effectual calling of the lost to Himself. We praise God for His Good News that frees us from the prison of sin. Great is His faithfulness and love to us! If you are not getting our Snail Mail letter and would like to, email your address to

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May 16, 2014 · 4:08 pm