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August News

Greetings from Nicaragua,
We would like to share a few ministry updates.

Jobo Dulce
Chicken pen built!

Nestor's Chicken Pen

Nestor’s Chicken Pen

We have been working on Nestor and Lucia’s Chicken coop for a few months. We have successfully constructed a laying house that will house 60 hens. These hens will provide Nestor and his family an income and also help lower the cost of the eggs we purchase for the feeding centers. We are supplementing the chicken feed with the Black Soldier Fly Larvae that we are raising at the farm. Theses larvae are 40% protein and will cut the food cost about ½. We have all the money needed to buy the hens and are waiting on the hatchery to contact us when the hens are available for pick up.

Jobo Dulce ChurchJobo
The Children’s Bible club in Jobo Dulce is going strong. There are about 30 kids meeting on Sunday morning. Thanks to some generous donations, there is money to put a roof on the church there. The walls are up and on sunny days, the congregation already meets in the building. We know the Bible says that it rains on the just and the unjust, so we are all prepared to get wet until the roof

is complete.

A Big thanks to Manor Creek Assembly of God for donating over $600 raised during VBS to purchase Bibles for the People of Nicaragua.  We were able to buy 2 cases of economy Bibles and 1 case of Giant Print Bibles  for the elderly and folks who just need a larger print.

photo (8)

Sharing the Gospel in San Antonio has been a blast. We got some DVD equipment brought down last month. We now have 4 DVD players and solar panel chargers. Currently, we are going in homes in San Antonio and showing a short evangelistic video called The Biggest Question.

DVD wretched


The Bible club in Trapiche is going well. Using the local school is wonderful. The kids are already there and if they want to attend the Bible Club, they can stay after. We feed about 20 kids and work on memory verses each Wednesday. Pray that the people of Trapiche will respond to the Gospel call. There is no church in Trapiche. Pray that God will send laborers to build His church, so that His name can be Glorified in the community. 

This has been a difficult month for the van. We had a seal and bearing go out and the axle had to be replaced. Thanks to God and some very wonderful friends, we were able to get the parts brought down and the van back on the road. It isn’t easy to get a part in Nicaragua. There are no Pep Boys, AutoZone, or O’Reiley’s Part stores. Keep us in your prayers as we try to save up to get a 4×4 vehicle.

We have been working hard to get the backpacks put in the hands of those who need them most. It has been struggle getting them down here and we really appreciate all the hard work that every one put forth to make it happen. backpack RoundUp!

Pray for these meetings:
9am Children’s Church
Jobo Dulce
2:30 Adult Bible Study San Antonio
Tuesday: 6pm Home Bible Study (Cell group)
Wednesday: 12 pm Children’s Bible Club Trapiche,
6pm Discipleship training
Friday: 2:30 San Antonio Children’s Bible Club

I want to encourage everyone to start a Family Devotion. Study His word together!

Thanks to all who make this ministry possible through your prayers and support.



We love you,

Joel, April, Madison, Reagan, and Lincoln.

PO Box 635 Waynesboro MS 39367

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