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Usually, my prayer time is very calm. This morning, however, it was earthshaking. April and I were up and having our morning devotions when we felt a 4.5 quake. It was a very small jolt that made the water cooler bubble and the floor shake for a second or two.

We had several people donate seeds for the gardens we will be planting this May. I want to thank all of those who mailed me seeds and to Debbie Gann for bringing down seeds from all of those who collected them. She also brought seeds from a local nursery in her town. Thanks again for this great effort. We will have plenty of seeds for the feeding centers and to help people with their personal gardens. The rainy season starts in May so we will begin preparing the soil soon.

This is Easter vacation week for the whole nation. Unfortunately, most of the population will celebrate in drunkenness. Pray for the nation of Nicaragua.

April and I are beginning to take the feeding center in San Antonio to the next level. Currently, we are feeding 120 plus people on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are teaching the children and adults Bible scriptures. We have about 6-10 adults coming faithfully. We are planning on starting a church with these adults. This is the most exciting thing going on. We know that God will draw people to Him if we lift Him up. We are not sure when we will begin church services. We are praying that God will be glorified through all of this. The most important thing is that we remain true to His scriptures and teach those he provides the truth. False teaching is rampant here.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to move forward with His Church. Blessings, The Gass Family.


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